Dolly with 10" Rubber Tires 5 Adjustable Bars General Duty.

Supplied with five 15-1/2" adjustable/removable bars to accommodate various sizes of wire spools. supplied with one DD205HT. Large 10" semi-hard rubber tires for smooth handling. Will accommodate 650 lbs.
Unit of Measure

Category Number

N/A 6725

UPC Code

N/A 781002241782

Price per Quantity

N/A 1


N/A 3238


N/A General Duty Dolly

Unit Quantity

N/A 1

Carton Quantity

N/A 1

Unit (UM)

N/A Each

Package Length

N/A 24.5 in.

Package Width

N/A 24.50 in.

Package Height

N/A 48.50 in.

Package Weight

N/A 62.0000 lb.

United Nations Standard Products & Services Code (UNSPSC)

N/A 24102008