75 Pocket - Tool Backpack.

Premium quality tool backpack made of Cordura® fabric with 75 pockets and sleeves to hold a wide variety of tools, plus a multi-compartment plastic parts tray, has heavy-duty zippers and soft, padded shoulder straps.
Unit of Measure

Product Specifications

Category Number

N/A 6770

UPC Code

N/A 084298011320

Price per Quantity

N/A 1


N/A 4280


N/A 75 Pocket - Tool Backpack


N/A 13 in.


N/A 17 in.


N/A 9 in.

Number of Pockets

N/A 75

Packaging Specifications

Unit Quantity

N/A 1

Carton Quantity

N/A 3

Unit (UM)

N/A Each

United Nations Standard Products & Services Code (UNSPSC)

N/A 24111507