This handy Wire Stripper/Cutter has been one of the most popular wire strippers contractors use. It is effective and fits easily in a pouch or pocket.

Wire Stripper/Cutter - Display Pack.
Unit of Measure

Product Specifications

Category Number

N/A 6590

UPC Code

N/A 781002289951

Price per Quantity

N/A 1


N/A 3036


N/A Handy

Packaging Specifications

Unit Quantity

N/A 1

Carton Quantity

N/A 6

Unit (UM)

N/A Each

Package Type

N/A 644B

Package Part Number

N/A 644B

Package Length

N/A 7.48 in.

Package Width

N/A 3.23 in.

Package Height

N/A 0.55 in.

Package Weight

N/A 0.150 lb.

United Nations Standard Products & Services Code (UNSPSC)

N/A 23241616