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"S" Hooks are manufactured from low carbon cold drawn steel wire supplied with blunt end and zinc plated. Hooks are used to hang fixtures suspended from chain.
S Hooks
Unit of Measure

Item #

Item Name


Eye Diameter

Opening Diameter


S1 N/A (S1) S Hook N/A 11 gauge N/A 1/4 in. N/A 3/16 in. N/A 1 in.
S2 N/A (S2) S Hook N/A 7 gauge N/A 7/16 in. N/A 1/4 in. N/A 1-1/2 in.
S3 N/A (S3) S Hook N/A 1/4 gauge N/A 9/16 in. N/A 3/8 in. N/A 2 in.
S4 N/A (S4) S Hook N/A 5/16 gauge N/A 3/4 in. N/A 7/16 in. N/A 2-1/2 in.
S5 N/A (S5) S Hook N/A 5/16 gauge N/A 7/8 in. N/A 1/2 in. N/A 3 in.
Unit of Measure